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GlobalWin or Alpha.....?

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May 18, 2001
Getting a HSF, (slotKET FC PGA) wondering which is better.
I gather that the best globalwin is the FOP-38, but what about the Alpha's....which is their best.

I know a few people that swear by the fop38 but on this forum a alot swear by the alpha.

What do you people think about these hsf's?
Thanks alot.
I own both the FOP38 and the Alpha PAL6035 w/Delta Fan The both offer great performance, but the Alpha out performs it but just a couple degrees in my situation. The only thing is the Alpha is kinda heavy and I would be concerned about it putting too much stress on the slotket. The FOP38 is also kinda big to put on a slotket but isn't as heavy. Hope this helps you out a little! :)
for a slotket... i went with the alpha pep66 along time ago.... i have the alpha because it was teh best... im not sure if it still is