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Globalwin or Taisol???

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casca (Mar 13, 2001 05:56 p.m.):
I am going to change my Titan Majesty V. ..
Wich one do you prefer? Globalwin FOP-32-1 or Taisol CGK-742092?
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i just built my system and went with the Taisol CGK-742092. lapped it with 1500 grit sandpaper and used artic silver thermal paste. under full load at 1.91 volts i get 40C with the motherboard sensor. the heatsink was pretty easy to install too, i think the three lug design prevents the hs from being mounted improperly. never used the globalwin hs so i really can't comment on it.

Seems like the Taisol heatsink itself is better than FOP, but not as good as WBK. That Delta on the GW sure is annoying though, and worst clip design ever. I broke mine, almost punched a hole with a screwdriver in the motherboard, and just ended up cinching one side up really tight with wire wrapped around the broken clip and sock lugs....hope it keeps up. Especially since I built that one for a friend. Anyways unless they change the clips I'm never buying GW again.

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some TNT2 variation....

man I really want VIA's amd ddr chipset out soon....
I have used both. The Tai-Sol when equipped with the Pabst 33Cfm fan is a really good performer. As stated above, lapping and the use of a superior thermal compound will offer you the best results. As it seems that a new Socket-A HSF is being released daily, I am sure that the Tai-Sol will be an also ran very shortly. Neither of the retaining clips are very charming, but the fact that the Tai-Sol uses three socket lugs to secure it, seems to me to be a better choice.
EDIT: with a 30CFM+ fan the Tai-Sol is a superior performer.

in my opinion? in stock form, neither. The one place I saw that was selling the Taisol was selling it with one of those wussy littel 60x10mm Delta's that move very little air. put a Papst 33 CFM or a Delta 38 CFM on the Taisol and I think it's the winner. I have an FOP32 and it comes with a YS Tech 27 CFM which is nice and quiet, and serves my Duron adequately to 950 MHz, but I think I'm going to get a Papst fan for it next chance I get when I have cash. Either are ok but a Taisol with a Delta 38 or a Papst would be my choice between the two.

I'd say go with the WBK38, no sense buying an out of date FOP heatsink. Then, once you have it, mod it and attach a high-output 80mm fan to it. You'll get the performance of the Delta, with half the noise (or less). 2Cooltek has an awesome High Output Panaflo 80mm which moves 39cfm at just 32 decibels. That's as quiet as the standard Sunon 80mm, while moving as much air as the Sunon High Output.

Compared to the Delta, both fans move more air, but neither is anywhere near as loud. So, basically, you'll get BOTH quietness and performance at the same time!

P.S. I'm working on a way to attach a 92mm fan to the WBK, I'll let you know if my idea works out.