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going dual channel, is it worth it?

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Dec 11, 2001
Orange County, California
hello everyone,
my current setup:
A7N8X-E Deluxe
2500+ barton locked fsb 200 = 2.2ghz (3200+)
i'm currently running 1 stick 512mb generic pc2700 (frys special) that wont run at 166mhz. I had to bump it down to 160mhz and optimal memory settings to keep it stable on gaming.

I am very happy with this setup but was wondering if its worth the appx $130 to purchase a pair of faster ddr400 512mb dual memory such as corsair or mushkin.

I doubt if i can feel the difference but i'm sure i'll see a jump on benchmarking scores, correct?

but my board is dual channel capable, might as well use its full potential right?

any thoughts/advice would be greatly appreciated.

Dual channel is much better on an Intel board than it is on an AMD board. You'll see about a 5% increase in performance with your setup which would be barely noticeable. Is it worth the $$$ to you?

What is your vdimm set to? Try raising your vdimm to get it stable at 166mhz.

I've gone as high as 2.8 on vdimms but still no luck with these pos generic pc2700.

looks like i'll have to try my luck on corsair or mushkin ddr400's.
Yeah, even tho there is only a small margin of preformance increase on AMD's better ram is definately worth it. You will be able to clock higher and running tighter timings.