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Going to be selling an RX480 8gb soon, question regarding issue with it

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May 4, 2011
So, I have an old RX480 that Occasionally artifacts with blocky snow, prompting a complete restart to get around the issue. Happens once every week to a month. Started happening about five months ago.

Was curious how much that would impact under pricing of the card - I see listings for around $260 to $500. I'd probably price closer to 200 and mention The issue. Does this seem fair? Or should I cut it down more? It has never been flashed to a 580, dunno if its possible. Overclocked pretty well last time I tried, but been running it stock for the last two years. The card itself is around 5-6 years old if memory serves.
I would list it disclosing the problem and with a higher price. Invite offers. It is easier to go down in price than up.
Was curious how much that would impact under pricing of the card -
id call it broken... hkwxmuch exactly this effects price, who knows. I like the advice above.
"For parts or not working" listings on ebay for RX580 8GB cards sell for about $175. Recently one sold for $305 that works, but sometimes won't work on boot up. So, for a sometimes working one, you should be able to get around $300.