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Going wireless on a 360

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Jedi Mind Trick

Feb 21, 2006
Glen Ellyn, Illinois
So i need to get internet on my 360 but my box is 2 floors above my router, so i have to go wireless.

but im not paying the $80 microsoft wants for a wireless adapter.

Does anyone know if any of the following might work? Or Have any other suggestions?

-using a usb wireless receiver in with the xbox's usb port (i know these dont work normally, but are there drivers?)

-daisy-chaining internet from my PC to the xbox via the ethernet ports

please help me im considering running an ethernet out my window to the bottom floor


Aug 30, 2006
You can hook the xbox to a wireless router and use that then to connect to the router down stairs, or connect it to your pc and have that get internet through its wireless? or wired.

I didn't buy the adaptor because it's a rip off i just got a recertified router off newegg keep an eye on their they come up all the time got a netgear recertified for 15 bucks free shipping works great.


Sep 6, 2003
Using a wireless router has a couple advantages:

1. its cheaper
2. you can now hook up other decives to your wireless network in addition to your xbox (should you get a blueray player something elese that has internet connectivity)