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GOLD heat sink paste ???

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Senior SMP Gawd
Jan 15, 2001
Hi all,,,, I have available a lot of powedered gold,,Powered because it was ground from repairing jewlery.

Now would this if mixed in standard heat sink compound provide better transfer of heat than artic silver 2.I am sure gold would transfer better than silver but I my be wrong so any advice is welcome,
Silver is better

Just because somthing is expensive doesnt mean it conducts heat well (disregard black dimond thats just a fluke :) )
Well theres one good way to find out :) give it a try mix up just enough for one application so that there is no waste i would try radioshack compound and you can mix different amounts of the dust then give it a shot and then check temps and see if there is a difference and then get back with us and let us know how you did. One note even if it did work the best i think you would see is 1 or 2C and if you got Radioshack stuff 2C cooler then it would be close to AS-2 but i sure would like 1C cooler temps so give it a try.
The silver they use in AS2 is micronised for a reason. I'm not sure about gold dust in silicone oil will perform tho when relatively a gold dust is the size of an asteroid compared to a particle of micronized silver which is like a football. If it's too big, the gold dust may actually inhibit proper contact with the HS and may not fill in the surface imperfections on the HS' bottom and CPU core.