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Golden Orb Modifications

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Senior Member
Apr 21, 2001
I remember reading something about cutting off a part the fins to improve performance. Can anyone lead me to instructions as to what to do?
The GORB is not one of the best HSF's in fact its at the bottom of the line as far as HSF's go listen to Batboy and you will improve it all you can do with what you have, removing any material from the GORB will not help it's performance it can only decrease its performance as theres not enough cooling surface area to begin with that is the GORB's biggest downfall. I dont have allot of room to talk i'm running a coolermaster which is just a hair better the a GORB but with lapping and a decent thermal compound its working for me now pretty well, but i think whats helping me the most is the duct ive installed going from the HSF to the side case cover this draws in cool air straight to the Proccesor now i get results like i have a really good HSF
i think you are referring to drilling a hole in the base of the orb....
this make a cheap/ok performing waterblock