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Golden Orb survey

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DocClock aka MadClocker

Senior Member
Dec 19, 2000
Stockton Cal, USA, Earth
Ok how many of you bought a g'orb, and what made you want it?
And is it in use now?
For me it was the look of those fins, and the gold anodizing.
Mine is now sitting on a shelf with a 450 PIII, and will probably sell it with the 450.

Also I would like to know if any of you have modded the fan setup so it will sit higher so as to blow more air towards the top of the fins as well as the bottom?
All answers will be most apreciated.
I bought a slot 1 G'orb last summer to use on my p3 700. I bought it becuase it's cost vs. performance couldn't be beat. It worked great for me, I was able to get my P3 700 up to [email protected] no problem. It served me extremely well for about 4 months before I upgraded to a globalwin.
i never bought one, I was lucky enough to lok here before buying a hsf.
i bought my orb not so much for the look, but more for the ability to say "I have a golden Orb."..and of course the price/cooling ability...i was debating between the Alpha P3125 and the orb, i took the orb, used it for a month got the CPU to 935 but anything beyond that would fail...needless to say the Orb is back in its box waiting for a friend to pick it up, while the Alpha now resides in my machine
When I bought my Gorb it was due to all the "rave" revues. Every site was talking about how awsom the cooling was. I only paid 15 bucks for it at the time and I still think it was a good purchase. I am still using it today but as a video card cooler.
I bought my gorb and loved it.
But it goes with my Cel400.
You see, the GORB works awesome on a mendo.
Even without paste, i never broke 29c with a 24hour lop of wahtever (couldn't do 3D, damn stealth locked 24/7 (bad card))

But later i found out my gorb is a feakin chrob.... it's a gorb but has the SocketA clip.

(will that be able to damage a Sokcet370 board eaiser?? no one has answered that. Like, arre the clamps longer, or womething? will it scratch the databus lines easier??)

Gorbs are good for ol' skool cellys, take it from me.

The intel HS/F (now resides ona k6-2 500) would let it get up to ~40c.

Also, GORB much quieter then the Intel HS/F
I was told its the fastest one they've seen, and it performs good... I had to learn the hard way, buy it, and than find the scary truth, but I returned it, and bought some extra system cooling.:)
i picked one up for cheap at a local repair shop and it did not perform anybetter than retail hsf and worse than any highperf hsf i have tried. i gave it away...but it was pretty...
dunno260 (May 17, 2001 09:24 a.m.):
i never bought one, I was lucky enough to lok here before buying a hsf.

Same here. I was pulled in by the looks. It also appeared to be a functional design. I'm so glad I read this forum before I made the mistake of strapping one on my T-Bird.
I bought it because of the price and looks. At the time, I didn't know about the Alphas P3125s. Wish I had, though. The piece of crap chipped my slot 1 PIII 750mhz. The cooling is decent, though. I still wish I knew about Alphas earlier
I don't know, but a small piece of the corner is missing. It got difficult taking it off when I reapplied Arctic Silver
I bought mine because I could get it right away from the shop shelf (and it was cheap). I like it's quietness - wouldn't easily replace it to anything louder.
With couple meters 1 mm copper wire wrapped around it (helped about 2 °C) together with lapping (2000 grit finish) and Arctic Silver II I get decent cpu temps: 38 °C at full load with PIII 700@866 Vcore 1.95 V (ambient 22-23°). I wrapped the wire so that it goes from the bottom of the fins to the top. I left gaps between the twists for airflow.
Another mod is a groove for thermistor to get it in touch with the edge of cpu die.
Bad thing is that I've managed to chip one corner and edge of the cpu because of the retention mechanism - works still though.

I'm still in search for ideal setup for cooling, sound and oc - going higher fsb is a bit problematic because of cA2 stepping, slow memory (can't adjust VIO voltage - still 2-2-2@124 MHz with 3.48 V) and old bx motherboard (p2b-f with slotket). I believe I've reached the top oc with this system and cpu no matter what hsf it has.
I got mine with My celeron 566 last year, because it was 'good' according to the reviews on other sites anyway, and because the price of the gorb with the 566 compared to just the oem 566 was like $10 more, I decided to get it because I was gonna need a cooler anyway for the 566.
Yeah, I got one, too....sounded like the "hot ticket" when I got it....

Ran well enough, until I upgraded my motherboard to one I really could do some serious o/cing on....the Gorb couldn't keep up with a C600 running 1.95v at 1GHz (1009 MHz, 112 FSB).

I got an Alpha PEP66T to replace it with, that had a YS Tech 27cfm fan attached. Dropped my temps 8c alone!! And the Gorb had been lapped, the Alpha wasn't!!

It now is back in the box, keeping a small square section of a shelf in my closet dust free......

I wouldn't recommend these if you intend on running over 950 MHz or so with a Celeron, especially if you need to really crank up the vcore. The Gorb just can't handle it....

Mr B
I am still using the orb. Cpu temp is 10-11 degrees f over the mobo temp at full load. At idle the cpu and case temp are identical. (Case cooled by ys tech 131cfm 120mm) Looking for a quieter solution. Thinkin a panaflo and pep66t. Oh, cpu is a pIII 700@933 1.8v. 966 is not stable. Bloody panaflos are expensive at 2cooltek. Any other options?
Bought one.........it was the "dealer" recommendation. "the best on the market" type thing. Learned a bit about OCing then learned of this site. The next day it became a paperweight. =)
I got one too.

A friend had his c600@840 or something with a gorb, so I thought I would try it out as well on my P3-700. It wasn't much better than the stock hsf at first, but after lapping things got a bit better (was stable at 945). However, after getting the Alpha PEP66v2 with the 33cfm papst fan, my temps dropped quite a bit.

The Gorb now "lives" in the drawer! I tried some things to mod it, like adding another fan on the top, and things like that. Nothing helped much tho.

I think the Gorb is ok for normal speeds and maybe a bit overclocking, but nothing more.
I have one and I still use it. I really cannot understand all you guys saying how crap they are and then saying you bought Alphas and FOPs. How can you compare the two?

A Gorb is cheap and quiet. It will support Overclocked high-voltage cpus and I am the proof:

Lapped Gorb running on a P3-750E at 133FSB with 2.1v!!!

Fully loaded temps are 37C.

Right now, using Speedfan to control fan speed my CPU is at 40C fully loaded at 50% normal fan speed.
bought one when they hit the shelves,, tried it on everything , even starpped a Nidec blower to it ....damn good paperweight though!!