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Gonna get into BF1942/Desert Combat for the first time, any tips?

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Oct 23, 2002
I've always been a Half Life mod kind of guy, but I decided to give BF1942 with the Desert Combat mod a try. I'll be playing in about 5 minutes, just finishing downloading the latest patch. Any tips or pointers that will help enrich my gaming experience?
Just played my first game... Not really stunned, its ok I guess. I kind of like the infantry side of things better than vehicles and stuff. Its a little on the slow paced side. I wont give up yet but I think I may give Americas Army a try next.
Tanks go boom with a shot to the back. DC can be really really fun with 2 skilled helo pilots and 4 guys in abrams. DC is more fast paced because of vehicle speed alone. I also like the infantry side of it better too. And trust me, if you think BF is slow paced, America's Army is not much faster. Well actually, it is a low slower.
Is berlin and staligrad 1942 maps or DC maps? I'm guessing 1942....

I may give it try though.
i play mad BF on wake, :attn:

and that one DC map, where its like planes only, pretty hard i suck at flying jets.

meh im good in the air now :D
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my words of advise are don't spawn camp. it ruins the game for everyone. and don't tk but thats a given with any game.

if you think BF is slow you will hate americas army. that game is bf in 100x slow mo.