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Gonna Lap the NB on the IC7...

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Jan 4, 2002
Hey guys, I've read a lot about lapping NB HSF's and applying AS of sorts increasing FSB's, so I thought I'd get this stuff out of the way before the RAM arrives.

I've taken the HSF of, and I've been cleanin the thermal pad of with some Akasa TIM-clean, have a question. The HSF's got a white foam frame on the base, guessing this is some sort of padding... is this required? If I take it off to lap the base, will I need to re-atch it for the HSF to make proper contact?

Need to know ASAP so I can start lappin :)


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Jan 12, 2001
Kansas, USA
I haven't pulled the northbridge sink off my IC7 yet, but have been thinking about doing so soon. If it's like my old TH7-II, that foam thing is just a shim to prevent the sink from rocking on the chip (which can "crush the corners" if you're not careful). I removed it from my TH7-II when I lapped the chipset sink and left it off (I never had any problems in the 15 months I ran that mobo). If you have access to a digital camera, take a pic of the chip and underside of the sink. I have web hosting now, so I can post the pic if needed.
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Feb 15, 2003
New Jersey
you don't need the foam shim thingy
I took mine off (this was a 845PE board) and it's fine

the intel NB cores aren't THAT brittle