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Good 2.0A Overclock + Question

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Oct 6, 2002
W. Lafayette, IN
As some of you might know, I thought my old 2.0A died for whatever reason at [email protected] 1.60v. Looking back now though it seemed as if it crashed once, and then XP got corrupted. When I tried to reinstall XP, it had the same error every time, which turned out to be a bad XP CD.

Regardless, I got my new 2.0A, and am very impressive so far.
Here are the numbers on the chip:
Philipp. Sl5YR

Running at 2726mhz or something close to that at 1.60V, with a modified Volcano 7+. Ran prime 95 for 3 hours no problems.
Mobo: Abit Sr7-8x
Cosiar: Pc 2700 333 mhz XMS series
3:4: Cpu:Mem
Idle: 38C
Load: 54C in prime 95, 50 in gaming

The second I take it to 2740, it has an error right away in prime95, thinking it might be the memory. I don't want to run the memory 3:3, because the system takes an overall larger performance hit.

I was doing some research, and Im thinking changing the memory timings might help. Can I change them on the Sr7-8x (doesn't seem so?) and/or should I try to look elsewhere?

Regardless, Im happy.



Inactive Moderator
Jul 12, 2002
It's an Abit

so you can certainly change timings. Backing them off may not be wise though, as these chips have about 2.8GHz in them at sane voltages. Look in you bios options, there have to be memroy settings there. The motherboard manual should also point out the adjustments you are seeking. Considering you are closing in on the limits of the cpu anyway reducing memory performance will probably give away more than you can gain by increasing clock rate a few MHz.