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Good 24" lcd monitor for pc AND xbox 360 use?

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Nov 29, 2003
My old 24" LCD (Dell E248WFP) gets the job done for PC usage, but it's terrible when it comes to the xbox 360 (I'm guessing its firmware sucks). Usually the problem is it's zoomed in too much, among other issues.

Anyway, I'm looking to get a new 24" LCD, preferably one with HDMI and that works well with consoles (and probably native 1080p 1920x1080 as well, not 1920x1200). ALSO, I would prefer that it have some quick way of switching inputs (I don't want to have to navigate through the monitor's menu to switch from DVI to HDMI and back).

Budget is <$300.

What do you guys recommend?


Jun 20, 2008
t240hd is what comes to mind for me. its 1900x1200 for pc use, but supports 1080p for things like tv, so it should work.

Also, did you change the resolution for your 360? It could be too zoomed up because of that, or because most games run in 720p or 600p.


Dec 1, 2007
Near Toronto Canada
LG 2453V

Switching inputs = 1 button. Does a FULL screen 1080P off Xbox. Has an audio out in the form of a minijack to get sound to either your speakers or earphones. 1DVI 1VGA 1HDMI input.