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Good AMD microATX board??

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Oct 29, 2002
I'm looking for microATX boards that can run my 2100+ Palomino and 2x256 266 DDR.

I can only find KT133 chipsets, and an oldie ASUS nforce one... are there no KT266a's or KT333 microATX ones out there?

Thanks in advance
havent seen a micro ATX ktxxx board actually...
I run 2 of the micro ATX asus Nforce boards, and they are very good. Performance is on par with the kt266a, but lacks overclocking features.
Thanks.. I don't intend to to overclocking with it, so I might jump for the Nfoce.

If I attach a Ti4400, a 40 gig HD, floppy and a pioneer DVD, will the standard mATX PSU do?

The PSU that came with my last Chieftec mATX casing went *POP* third time I booted the *******. Only using a mATX all-in-one board and a 1 ghz Tully CPU. All standard, no OC.

I doubt it was overburdened... a test with a volt-meter before third boot showed 18 volts on the 12 volt cables... surely a defective PSU don't you think?

Cheers, Flixo