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Good? Bad? idea for H2Ocooling

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Captain Random Senior Evil
Nov 8, 2001
I've played with blacklights for a long time, and one of my favorite tricks is the glowing wine bottle. Take a wine bottle and fill it with water, disect a highlighter (blue, green, yellow, orange, or pink) and stick its inerds in the water for a day. The fluorescent ink bleeds out and dissolves evenly in the water, leaving it a transperant color which glows quite nicely in UV light. I always cap these glowing bottles off with a candle, and let it melt itself into place. Looks really cool.

I wonder if this could be done for H20 cooling, without disrupting the cooling properties of the water or causing other problems? I know coolants generally add their own color to the water already, but maybe somebody with a big fishtank reservoir and an extra blacklight might want to give it a try.
actually they sell this stuff called Dyelite (spelling) i think its called. expensive stuff! its basically flourescent liquid that glows in the dark.
glowing water

Highlighters are cheap though... it'd probably only take half a dozen to color several gallons of water. I was going to try this on my Cheapo-chill fishtank AC project.