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Good/Bad temps for a Celly 600@900

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Jan 11, 2001
Hi fellas I have recently overclocked a brand new Celeron cC0 600 to 900.

I have it on a Abit SlotKET 3 and in a Abit BH6 mobo.

I am cooling it buy using a golden orb fan and arctic silver, it has another fan right near/behind the chipset and it is sucking the hot air out. Then I have another bigger fan in the CD-Rom bays blowing air right on it.

I am using a program called Motherboard Probe (MBProbe) to check the temps, it says im running at 57C and or 135F when basically idle.

I used another program called motherboard Monitor and it said I had temps around 255F.

WTF is going on here, something is fishly, I think this is adequate cooling (I am adding 2 more fans, one to suck one to blow, towards the bottom of the case anyway) This is more cooling than friends of mine use on their relatively exact same setup.

Do you think I should worry about these temps or do you think im getting bad readings?

Thanks for you help guys!
I would worry. Or perhaps the mobo readings are wrong. Try and touch the hesatsink after running the system for about 20 minutes. If it feels hot the readings are right. My Celly2@900 is 26C idle and 30C at full load, room ambient temp is 24-25. This is with a NoName cheap HSF and no extra fans in the case. What voltage are you running. It produces much more heat if you up the voltage but it should not be that much.

On my Asus P3V4X the diode would show about 40C under load (Dist.net) using an Alpha FC-PAL/37CFM fan. It would spike as high as 64C under heavy load (3d applications). This didn't worry me since it wasn't a consistent load at that high temp (64C).

Now I've got a peltier on it and running it stable at 2v/1054.
Im running it at 1.7 volts, the default voltage, something cant be right can you reccomend a better win temp monitor other than what I was using?

Im wonderign if the fool that put my arctic silver on didnt do it right, i saw him just like goop it on, would this be the culprit??

thanks guys.
Ahh, the Arctic Silver in a thick layer. Well this paste is for making sure that the small scratches on the HS make perfect contact with the CPU. It should be applied in a WERY thing layer. I user a razorblade to flatten in out. It should be almost through-seeable otherwise you may end up with poorer thermal conductivity that without the paste, not to mention that it will put physical stress on the CPU.
Sounds too high. Junk your cooler, they are pretty crappy IMHO. Purchase an FOP-32 or 38 or an alpha pep66. Agree on the thin layer of Artic Silver - too much is almost as little as none at all...
Yes that temp is a bit hot. If it says with MBM that you are at 255, I think that might be becuase it is reading the wrong sensor. Try changing the sensor and then check it again. Also check in you BIOS to see what you are really running at. If it is really that high something is wrong.