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Good Cooling = Overclock?

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New Member
Jun 25, 2001
Hey, I'm just another n00b here with a question. I am soon to get a 1.2g Athlon. (Yay!) And I was wondering if I cooled it well if it would jump up a little. I would overclock it real good but I don't want my parents crapping their pants, besides I figure that all that power would generate a lot of heat, (including my fast HD and lotsa RAM, plus a TNT2)
good cooling is a msut for overclocking. to attain high speeds, a good heatsink is needed, or even watercooling or peltier cooling. some of the better ehatsinks i can think of ofhand are the mellenium glaciator and cak38. even with good cooling, youll eventually hit a wall that is determined simply by the cpu ability, but to get near that you need excellent cooling. athlons also run hotter than pentiums, so you need the big bad ehatsinks to dissipate this ehat. case cooling is also important. a few case fans maybe 90mms or even 120mms are nice ;-) even flow both in AND out of the case is required, as too much going in either diretion can actually hamper cooling. i always try to keep my athlon running about 41 degrees idle, but you can get lower with the btter heatsinks out these days i might think.
Yeah, I figured I need some fans, but I don't my computer any noiseier then it already is (and it is too noisey already for me). It there any other ways to cool a computer besides useing F/Hs and Watercooling? (I'm too afraid of drowning my computer)
Well no2 and vapochill but those are more expensive and dangerous than water or air.
Not all fans are loud you just have to buy ones with low db ratings.
Ok then, can you reccomend me some good F/H combos? That aren't noisy? And alos, tell me where I might be able to buy it, I was also considering making a little cooler for my HD (it runs kinda fast) And, how many do you think I would need?
panaflo is a particularly quiet case fan. the 120mm version is porbably the best cooling for sound level, but its kinda big. i have a couple 90mm ones in my case now. www.teamawe.com has a good selection of fans, fan grills, and screws. you might have to mod the case to get a fan in there. the mellenium glaciator is probably the most quiet of the newer heavy-duty heatsinks. althoguh it features a slower, more quiet fan it is still a great hsf and cools the processor very well.
One thing I'd like to bring up, an Athlon 1.2 is VERY fast...If gaming is your pleasure your first order of big spending should be to ditch that TNT2 and get a GeForce2 PRO or better <i think the pro is the best deal for the money right now>. If your just a hobby overclocker and want to push the chip cuz its fun, well, your actually alot like me, lol, I just thought I'd mention it so you dont spend tons of cash on cooling and overclocking a gaming rig that will never get any faster cuz its limited by its video card.