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Good Day People

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New Member
Feb 23, 2016
I have problem :(

Would someone with great knowledge please help me out...

Im sure its been said 1000 times in a thread however i REALLY need help, im going mad and planning on throwing my pc in the pool.

People from all walks of life have tried to help me and the conclusion is that it is my cpu fan, now let me get started....

I recently purchased a pc from a friend whos fled the country, it wasnt a scam i promise.

When my computer side panel gets removed the cpu fans drops to 3800rpm and when i put it back on it cranks its gears and speeds up to 5000 and if i keep the side panel on i fear it will fly off and out the window...
I am slowly becoming a domestic worker (maid) and cleaning this heap of sh*t every week as it has become a dust trap...

Now the case is i believe an antec 1200 check pic.
there are 5 fans in total

1x 120 mm on top
1x 80mm at the top back
1x80mm on the side panel
2x80mm on the front of the case

It looks like there is an aftermarket fan on the cpu or am i wrong?

What could possibly be the problem and more importantly what is the solution. It is obviously some sort of airflow problem i presume, is this a sh*tty case or should i put more faith in her?
I would rather disconnect things than buy new things if you can go with that :)

p.s please excuse the dust i do try to clean it when i get a chance so please dont laugh too hard:attn:

pipi S: you more than welcome to move this post dear admin if it is the wrong place my sincere apologies


Here are the pc specs

CPU Amd phenom IIX6 1090T
GPU Nvidia GTX 560 TI
RAM 8Gig of random cheap ram
PSU Coolermaster 650


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Looks like the stock heatsink to me. What I feel you should do is give it a good cleaning, including all the case fans. From the picture the front fans look like they are caked with dust. After you give it a good cleaning let us know where you stand with it.
Looks like the stocker to me too...

I would clean that mess up, particularly the cpu heatsink, reapply thermal paste, and put the cooler back on and see where you stand as mandrake has already said. :)
Ditto. The CPU fan runs faster with the side panel on because your cutting off fresh air to the interior of the case and the heat is building up. You need to clean the dust filters in front of the case fans, clean off the old thermal paste between the CPU heat sink and the CPU face and then reapply fresh thermal paste. Isopropyl alcohol and paper coffee filters work great for this. Put a pea-sized blob of thermal paste in the center of the CPU and then clamp the heat sink on. Don't try to spread it with finger. Let the clamping pressure spread it.

You also need to blow out the dust that is likely clogging the CPU heat sink.

If you have access to an air compressor that is the best and fastest tool for blowing dust out of a computer. But if you use compressed air, don't allow the fans to spin freely or you will ruing the fan bearings. They are not made to spin but so fast and the compressed air will make them go way faster than what is good for them. Stop each fan with your finger. When blowing out the Power Supply, if can't reach the fans with your finger to stop them, insert something non conductive through the grill and fan blades like a skinny plastic straw.

Having said all that, I would also look at replacing that stock CPU cooler with a larger aftermarket unit. The stock cooler is marginal to begin with. That model CPU draws a lot of power and produces a lot of heat.
Everything is full of dust, as already said get a can or two of compressed air give it a good cleaning. Carefully strip that case down and clean everything from fans and fins to any panels that allow air to pass through. I think that is an Antec 900 case which is an old but not bad case I have had one. If stripping down the case is too much for you maybe bring it to a computer shop for a cleaning and as EarthDog has already said remove and remount the CPU fan with new thermal paste. Once Clean this should be a good little rig.
I see a lot of dusty PC's that is normal for me to see that, what is the temp of the CPU with the side cover on?