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Good Gravy !

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Señor Senior, Senior
Oct 11, 2002
The Empire State
I was concernd about my cpu temps so i removed my hsf and cpu to clean them off. I re-apllied the AS3 and re\installed the cpu and AX7. I fired my rig up and evrything is running xcellent. Now i'm a bit puzzled. I was told numerous times that this particular board reads the cpu temps from the chip, not the onboard sensor, thus showing my cpu temps 10c higher. Now after i reseated the hsf, MBM reports my cpu temp @ 48c full load. My case temps are 25c. This is accurate because i have a dual diginurse and obne of the probes is centered in my case.

If my board is reading 48c, is it really 38c ? Cuz if this is true, i'm in heaven ! :D

Can someone confirm this ?


Has slightly less legible writing than Thideras
Mar 12, 2002
no its 48C by 10C higher they mean that your onboard sensor which isnt accurate at all. your cpu temp IS 48C dependig on yout your other probe was setup before it could have ben a few degrees off to like 15.