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Good old ambint needs some advice

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Senior Folding Zombie
Jun 16, 2001
Somewhere in the top 100 folders for team 32
I am in the market for a new heatsink. I'd like to try copper but, I don't know. I have a Celeron 2 633 cC0. so what I want to do is get the best P/// heatsink and put it on me celeron. Catch my drift I want killer cooling without Water pelt or Tec.
So any imput would help alot on this matter.
The SK-6 is a very good heatsink and I think it fits a celery. Since you aren't putting out scads of watts like AMDs an aircooled peltier may be the way to go. For about $50 you can get a an 85 watt peltier kit with a FOP38 from Lufkentechnologies.
No pelt. I just wont have it not for what I am going to do I am working on a project for all you overclockers I am going to make a sweet air cooled system maybe it will make it to the front page. Just on balls alone :D
Also I need Lexsan I can't seem to find anywere to buy it maybe I am spelling it wrong
I would go with a cak38 it has the same mounting as my fop and the fop is fine on my celery. Hey are you puting that 235 CFM fan it it :) ... DONT hook that think up to your computers psu it draws 2.26 amps .... I think im gonna get one too but I would like to know how loud it is... Ill check the Comair webpage

Just checked it. Looks to be about 50-54db
lol I looked into the 10" ... The only place I saw it was selling it for 60 bucks. But then again they were selling the 235 CFM fan for 60 bucks to so Im pretty sure its WAY over priced. I ordered one the the 235 cfm fans ... I just had to get one. Im going to build a voltage regulator for it and see how low I have to turn it down to get it to acceptable levels.
AmbientFiction (Jul 19, 2001 01:48 a.m.):
lmao come on Blaken their isn't even a frigging price on that sucker and I think it would break the fans I have in here but I'm going to look into it.
Thanks Blaken I am gonna go for that Cak-38 I do believe.

the globalwin clips are awful and the SK-6 performs better than the CAK38. I would suspect that the SK-6 is lighter too.
I dont think the sk-6 will atach to a intel based cpu er wait ya I think it will Ill look into that... you might look into the gladiator though