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Good over ear headphones?

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Jan 3, 2014

I dont buy it honestly. Maybe compared to Beats By Dre perhaps, I dunno what he's expecting. He "doesn't like them" because they dont boost bass like beats do (i.e. artificial sound enhancement).

this review says it best honestly :


"When there's no deep bass to deliver—say, on a singer-songwriter style tune by Bill Callahan—the track doesn't sound weirdly overloaded with extra low frequency content. This is important: The HDJ-1500 is a great tool that maintains a strong clarity throughout the entire frequency range, without neglecting the booming lows that are often associated with DJ and dance tracks, and without adding them when they're not there."

edit: I really don't know what to say to those guys. If you're looking for artificially inflated headphones that dramatize excessive bass while sacrificing the rest of the sound range, then sure go nuts lol. These things literally rattle my head on bass heavy tracks.


Jan 21, 2014
I have owned Sennheiser PC 350s for 5+ years and only complaint is that the ear pads started to disintegrate recently. You can get replacement pads for them tho.
The thing is that these headphones need a decent sound card or small headphone amp.
People complain that the bass is faint but that's because they use crappy sound card to drive em.
These earphones are optimized for gaming but you can correct them with EQ.


Dec 1, 2007
Near Toronto Canada

^The guy who wrote this review is a 19 year old kid in adidas track pants with his cap on sideways. He's a dance music junkie and is complaining that these headphones are "too balanced" and that the bass is "too accurate". They don't deliver "thundering explosions". Exaggerated bass is exactly what's wrong with a majority of consumer level audio hardware in the world today. It's garbage. You don't want it.

Beats by Dre, for example... garbage. Absolute garbage.