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Good PC network card

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Dec 6, 2021
Hi, I am looking for a WIFI network card (it would be nice if it was with BT) for my PC.

I can't let the cable go, I know it will be worse on WIFI, but it's hard.

Currently I have a router with UPC (polish company) with a 500 mega net (weak router, I know) but soon there will be a router with WIFI 6 from another 1 giga operator - no router crazy, but let's say that it must be enough for the time being.
the current router is
Compal Broadband Networks CH7465LG-LC (the one from UPC) but I think it's less important because I can always buy my router in the future

I did two tests on the current router

on the desk there was an antenna from my current network card (such a crap that I disconnected it at all), i.e. Asus PCE-AC88 (in my computer)

interestingly, on the same desk I put my Thinkpad laptop with an Intel AX210NGW network card, i.e. ax210NGW
I didn't set anything up neither the computer nor the laptop, i.e. I didn't set anything up in the network cards.

Much better internet parameters were on the laptop.

The topic was so tiring that in the end (from six months ago) I gave it up, but now I want to quickly buy a PC card.

Back then, from what I remember, the final conclusion was that the Intel based network cards work best and my asus has something other than intel.

So: what network card to buy? one on the pcie (Or USB) so that the antenna was on the cable, so that it could stand on the desk.

Under WIFI 6, I would like it to serve for a long time with the latest possible chipset.

I assume that if the 2-year-old card in my thinkpad works cool, then some newer PC intel will be even better - at least a little.

What to buy and why?
You mention a Thinkpad, is this wifi card for a laptop or for a desktop?

I prefer pcie for desktop, over USB. Typically you'll get the best network cards with ones that use Intel network chips.
no thinkpad i have ax210
on pc i have asus

I wrote down all the possible settings of my asus from the device manager, maybe something needs to be set differently or something - do you have an idea? because the network card can only be set there, right?

20/40 coexistence – auto/enab/disab

2g bandwidth capability – 2.4G: 20/40Mhz Or 2.4G: 20Mhz

40Mhz intolerant – enab/disab

802.11d support (auto-country) – disab/enab

Antenna diversity – auto/aux/main

Arp offload – enab/disab

Assoc listen interval – number like 1,2,3 etc

Beamforming – disabled/enabled

Bluetooth collaboration – auto/enab/disab

Bss plcp header – auto(short/long) or long

D2 listen interval – 1,2,3 etc i has setup 5

Enable/disable LTR – enab/disab

Fragmentation threshold – number , i has “2346”

Locally aministered mac address – number or dosent exsist (i has this one)

Ltr active value in microseconds – numbers , i have 60

Minimum power consumption – enab/disab

Ns offload –enab/disab

Power output – percents , i has 100%

Priority & vlan – P&V disabled or P&V enabled or priority enabled or vlan enabled

Rts threshold – numbers, i have 2347

Vht features – numbers, i have 7

Wake on magic pocket – enab or disab

Wake on pattern match – enab od disab

Wfd channel number – numbers, i have 11

Wifi rekeying offload – disabled/ enabled

Wmm – auto/disab/enab

Xpress (tm) technology – enabled/disabled
You would install the network card in your desktop so that it can get wifi from your router.
Well, you've been busy....lol

To be honest, I'm not even sure what you're asking in this last post. The first post is asking about a wifi card for your system... the second post is......confusing.

If you're looking for 6E, grab something like this: https://www.newegg.com/derapid-pce-... 6e-_-9SIARJ2G2D8110-_-Product&quicklink=true

You plug it in the PC and you should be able to connect to it/your router.