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Good stress tester

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Feb 5, 2003
Hi guys,

I tend to favour linux over windows (this is just a preference, not trying to state what is better or not). My distro of choice is gentoo. For those not familiar with gentoo, the initial install process of the system is rater time consuming, requiring (if you choose to start from a stage one install) that you compile the entire system from source.

My point is this. Having just started into o/clocking, I have never compiled linux with anything other than a stock system. Yesterday, I re-installed gentoo with my system o/clocked from 2.6-3.6, and I had every number of problems trying to compile anything. After playing around a bit, I decided it must be something to do with the higher clock speed of the proc causing problems. I eneded up having to decrease the clock speed of the proc down to just over 3ghz before it would compile o.k. After more than 24 hours of constant compiling, I have still had no probs.

This would indicate that I was getting some sort of data corruption with the higher clock. In windows, using prime95, the system had run for more than 10 hours without a problem, and also benchmarks in pcmark2002, 3dmark, and sandra. Only when compiling in linux, did I encounter a problem. Having now finished the gentoo system, I increased the clock back to the higher speed, and so far no problems.

something to think about - what is really considered stable??



Nov 18, 2002
England, Near Europe
Stable is if you can go about all your daily computing tasks without error. Compiling puts a great strain on the system and is a great stability tester.

BTW, Gentoo rocks :)