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Good system... bad 3dMark2K1 scores

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Jun 28, 2001
I;ve been reading alot of posts about 3dmark2K1 scores, and I'm left a bit envious. My Win98, 1.2 AMD, 64MB GeForce 2, and 128 PC133 RAM are only scoring 2260!!! That's with all defaults set: 32 bit color, 1024 resolution, and so on.
Is this a normal score for a system of my specs, or do i have a problem???
Try geting the newest mobo drivers. Then try geting the newest graphics card drivers from www.nvidia.com. Then get the newest directx 8 from www.microsoft.com... THEN its time ti tweak ;D

First we tweak your bios... When your booting hit whatever key activates your setup or bios... and when your in there its important that you dont change things that you dont know what they do...
Look around for a setting called AGP apeture... and I would set it to 64. You should also try 128, but 64 generally works best with 64mb cards.
The setting "Assign IRQ to VGA" should be enabled as well...

These setings should be turned off... Video Bios Cacheable, Video Bios Shadow, VGA Palette Snoop, PCI Palette Snoop, and c8xxxx to cbxxxx shadow should all be off.

Ok so your done with your bios now its time to change some windows settings...
Right click on your desktop and hit properties. Click setings and then Advanced. Now look for a GeForce 2 GTS tab and then hit additional properties.

Open GL...
Click the openGL setings tab. Under performance and compatability options you want all the boxes checked except disable support for cpu enhanced instruction sets.
Then there is the option to enable FSAA... If you notice "jaggies" or staircase figures in your gamng then you want to enable this. If not then leave it disabled and it will raise your fps.

Go back to where the opengl tab was, and select Direct 3d
You want to enable fog table emulation and adjust z-buffer depth to render depth if unequal. The rest should be unchecked.

then there is Minmap detail... If you want more speed then choose best performance if you want best image quality then choose best image quality. Beter image quality will lower your fps a bit.

Now hit the more direct3d button.
PCI Texture memory size should be 2.
Now you should see an anti-aliasing tab. And its the same case as opengl... higher you set it the lower your fps... It helps reduce jaggies or staircase figures in your gaming.

I like enabling FSAA but this will also lower your performance so its up to you...

Now you are going to want to get a file called coolbits, which i dont have a link for right now but ima get it...
Thank you very much for all the suggestions. I raised my score from a 2260 to a 2450 by overclocking the card from 200mhz to 235mhz and by lowering the mipmap detail level. Is this not a good score for my sys specs??? (my comp has no internet connection so I've never got to use the online result browser.)
yes, i had already installed the latest 4in1 drivers.
oh well, i think 2450 is a pretty good score for my setup!!
what kind of mobo do you have? you might need the miniport drivers from AMD... that fixed it for me and a few other people... link is posted below...


download the amddrvpk_120.exe file... that should detect whether you need the new drivers... :)
My system : AMD Duron 800, Asus A7V-E, Hercules 3D Prophet II MX 32 mb, SB LIVE, 256 mb pc133.
With that system I could do about 2500 without overclocking the processor. Without overclocking ANYTHING I could do about 2300.
With that in mind I think I can say that you do NOT have a proper score yet.

I think you have a problem somewhere.
Try the 12.90 detonator drivers, the 4.32v VIA drivers (or other chipset drivers if you have another chipset) make sure VSYNC IS OFF (!!), and try disabling background programs and do other windows tweaks.
A reformat is always a good thing as well..
im sorry... i left out a few things from my first post that should be in my signature now...

i have tweaked and tested most everything i can think of, and I think i've hit the point where she won't go any further.
thanks for recommending the detonator 12.90 drivers, they got my 3dmark2K1 at 1024resolution and all defaults up to 2580. I haven't met a game that I couldn't crank and run smoothly yet (besides NHL 2001), so I'm happy with what i have now. thanks for the help!!