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good web design software and...

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Apr 18, 2001
Houston, Texas
good web design software ??


brother called me the other day askin me if i would design a web page for him. i said "hahahaha." want to see, from those who design web pages, what your opinion is as far as the better software to use. and which is ezier to use.

i have a degree in computer science so have decent knowledge of html and java already, but never actually took classes in them. html is fairly ez to learn, and had to use java in my operating systems class on two of the first assignments.

thanx for any input.
me likes dreamweaver, if I dont use notepad. I always freehand stuff, and dreamweaver lets me view it quickly w/o having to open a browser. Its a ***** if u start tables and stuff without puttig the ending tag on and then working inbetween them