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Google goes up a LOT?

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That figure is all the users they've gotten since just before the nature article since it hasn't been updating reliably since. It seems my predictions in the "Google outproduces OC.com" thread were way too conservative. I bet Google has 25000 users, in 2 weeks.

"Now that's what I call Ownage" (of us)
Oh no... 8 hours more and... another 1,000 members!!!!!!!

They are up to 14,000!

In 2 months they will probably have twice as many points as us, OCAU, and [H] combined...

I guess it is time to count them as a default team.
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I read an article at the [H] forum , that google will be adding 1 million, thats 1,000,000, users to FAH. Thats great for the project, but the work of the ~30,000 current users will be a drop in the bucket by comparrison.

"...we have recently begun small-scale tests with the Folding at Home project at Stanford University with a few thousand selected Google Toolbar users, in preparation for a much larger scale system that would enable our millions of Google Toolbar users to opt-in to contributing their CPU cycles to solving important problems."
I suppose that this is the sort of computing power that will be necessary to crunch those big protiens that Stanford will be moving towards (we have been doing the relativly simple ones up till now - just to prove that the concept works). That, and with the switch to gromacs, will really accelerate the F@H project. Let's hear it for "team" Google!

does google have people who leaver their computers on more than necessary.. i don't think so they probably only have it on a few hours a day so really they aren't going to do a whole lot of good unless they get small cores to do..

what i think the next step in the folding program should be to keep track how much time you spend folding and send the bigger ones to the dedicated folders and the small ones to the casual user that way cores won't be getting sent back late and what not and actual real progress will be made....
We arent down yet. Lets show them that even a group of ~2,000 dedicated users (top three teams) can outfold 1,000,000 mindless folders.

Google hasnt beaten us yet, we cant lie down and take this.

Empty the bank accounts! Sell the cars! Mortgage your house! :D

We need more MHz!