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Got a question on pelts

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Apr 28, 2001
Kingwood, TX
I just got my very first ever pelt from DangerDen. It's the 156W one. I would like to know what I should get to make sure it has the power to run effectively. I tried hooking it up to an old Deer 250W PSU I have. I hooked it to the 12V and ground but I got hotter temps then just straight water. What should I do?
You need a pretty hefty PSU. Imax = 16.1 Amps, Vmax = 15.8 Volts The pelt will probably be more efficient at around 75% of it’s rated voltage. You don’t want to short it on current. There are plenty of 12 volt (really 13.8 volt) PSUs on the market. The Astron line for HAM use is a bit pricey. You might want to check here: www.mpja.com for a switching PSU.
Is there a way to do it with stuff around the house? I really don't want to have to go out and get ANOTHER PSU. I already bought 2 in the last 3 months.
There was an article linked to on the home page about how to connect two or more computer PSUs. I don't have the link. You may want to check the home page or just do a search on pelts and power supplys in this forum. I know the link has been posted and discussed here.
Next wuestion is how do I find the specs on my 156W pelt? There were no instructions with mine and few numbers on the dangerden site on this. And, if I were to link 2 PSU's, I would need MORE then 12V for the pelt. Could I wossibly get this by linking the 5V and the 12V connectors to the red wire on the pelt and then ground the black wire? Would this even work?
I assume you are looking for 17v. So your +5v of one psu is ground and the black wire is now -5v. The other psu is using the black as ground and the red +12v to give you 17v differential - BUT, and it's a biggie, you'd better isolate those supplies and keep the chassis of both apart from each other, unless you like sparks n' stuff. It can be done but it needs thought and care.
God, this is such a pain in the butt. Might as well hook up 2 12V batteries in a series circuit and run it off those. Waaiitt.....