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Got a Thermosonic Thermoengine? This might be of interest.

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May 15, 2001
Woking (near London) U.K.
Its 0130 and I've had a few beers, always the best way to play with hardware!! :) I have made a small but interesting discovery.

I'm runing the following:-

Win 2K
Athlon 1GHz AXIA @ 1.4GHz (140x10)
voltage set at 1.80 indicated at 1.86 in monitor
A crappy 20'ish cfm fan
and a Thermoengine

I was getting;-

No load
CPU 31C System 21C

20 mins of SETI
CPU 49C System 21C

I looked at the HSF and decided to remove that square bit of plastic that lives under the fan. Whipped out my trusty driver, removed said bit of plastic and screwed the fan directly on to the sink.

No load
CPU 30C System 22C

20 mins of SETI
CPU 45C System 22C

Wooooooooooot a 4C temp reduction for a 10 second mod ;D

Anyone else confirm this or is it just the beer?
Does this work with all fans or just my crappy one?

BTW if you're gonna get a new HD soon get a Maxtor DiamondMax 60 Plus they are f**kin' awesome ;D
WTF? Sounds like you took the plastic cover off the thermal compound LOL! LOL! LOL!

Removing the thermal compound DECREASES temperature? Hmmm.
Maybe I should put a sheet of foam between my cpu and hsf eh? :)

Something is very wrong pal.
Did you test under same conditions?

You should put a disclaimer on that mod, most people would wreck their cpu in 10sec flat with that mod.
No no nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo ;D
There is a plastic frame that holds the fan in place on top the sink. It's got plastic tabs that hang down each side of the sink.
I think its ducting the air from the fan and causing a temp increase. I just tried wrapping the whole thing in tape so the air can only exit at the bottom of the sink and the temps rocketed. Wierd that it seem these sinks must like being as open as posible.

Now 02:43 and only 2 beers left, have to stop playing soon!