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Got LUCKY! Everyone make sure to INSULATE WELL.

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Jun 11, 2001
Union City, CA
I left my pump on and the barbs on my maze2 started to sweat from the condensation (fridge mod). When I got back home, I tried to turn on my comp...no boot. I took out my video card and the condensation had dripped from my video card insulation and into the AGP slot! I dried it all up and tried to boot again...nothing. Depressed, I went to the internet cafe with my friends. When I got home, I decided, "What the heck...it wouldn't hurt to try it again" It worked! I guess the couple hours it dried off!!! :D

Let this be a lesson to everyone. I know MiseryQ already knows. CONDENSATION KILLS
So, if you're planning on doing anything sub ambient, you better insulate more than just around your socket on your motherboard. You have to insulate the back of your video card and AGP port and whatnot. An easy way to get around this is to totally insulate your waterblock. Barbs and all. Hoses have to be insulated too. Heads up!


Mar 25, 2002
Washington State
Hey Joe,

Looks like the Gods of Overclocking were merciful with you. ;) Do you have any pictures of your fridge mod setup?



Feb 10, 2002
Yeah, pics would be cool if you have some; congratulations; and you should make a sacrifice of a 486 to the gods of OC'ing in gratitude for their benevolence and mercy.

Also, I use 1/16" neoprene from some place like dangerden.com to catch "drips". I lay it or attach it over anything that I don't want to get wet from something above it, and try to angle it so the water will run off to the bottom of the case. It has come in handy several times. I just ordered a camera and am tracking it's shipping now, else I would show you what I mean. I also just ordered two new sheets of neo from dangerden, you can never have to much. Congratulations again :)