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SOLVED Got my AquaCoil radiator and need some help

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The radiator housing is made out of galvanized sheet metal, which is held together by sheet metal screws. The housing is poorly finished and there is some kind of adhesive residue by the core tubes on one side, most likely from tape that has been removed. The coils are spotted on what I call the "show" side of the radiator. On the tubing's brazed side, the quality is as I would expect. The fins were in fairly good shape, though there is some powdery material around the fins on one side of the housing. The 120mm fan mounting screw holes are corroded and the frount face plate is slightly bowed. All in all, I do not see a quality product with attention to detail. To make matters worse, the radiator was unwrapped and packed in shipping peanuts. I had to spend 20 minutes picking styrofoam from between the fins. I bought this radiator because it seemed to have a better 120mm fan mounting setup than the DD Cube. Is the DD Cooling Cube higher quality, or should I just go with this AquaCoil? Can I paint the outside of this radiator with silver spray paint, not the fins of course, or will that drastically reduce my cooling? Thanks.
I'd send that back and get the DD cube. The more I read (and my own experience) BECOOLING just doesn't put quality in their products.

My waterblock wasn't flushed, and the barbs were crooked on the block. This didn't impact performance, but just shows there's not QC at BECOOLING.