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Got my DD cooling cube and have one question

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Does it matter as to which tube is set up as the inlet, top or bottom? Will it have any effect on cooling if the inlet is changed from one side to the other? Also, I would like to mount the cube in a vertical position, with the inlet/outlet tubes facing up, and wondered if this was a no-no? I will still have a tube on bottom for an inlet/outlet, as well as a top tube inlet/outlet, via this configuration. In my refinery's large shell and tube coolers we put cooling water on the lower side as the inlet so that the water pushes up to air-free the tubes. I have a feeling that the inlet should go on the bottom for my cooling cube based on the setup we use at work. On a sidenote, the quality of the DD Cooling Cube far surpasses that of the AquaCoil from BeCooling, as I have both and was disappointed with the AquaCoil to the point that I ordered the DD Cooling CUbe.
It would probably be better not to use the cube in a vertical position, because your pump will have to work pretty hard repeatedly pushing the water up the tubes (as opposed to horizontally). If you have plenty of pump it shouldn't make a difference.

Otherwise it shouldn't matter which tube is inlet. If you go with a horizontal mount I'd make the inlet the bottom tube and the outflow the top tube, since hot water rises and cold water falls.
I figured with mine that if you make the top tube the inlet, as the water cools on its passage through the radiator, it will tend to sink, and so starting it off at the top would actually make most sense. I don't think it matters too much though, as I doubt convection will play a big part in the system with a pump forcing water through the tubes. Can't hurt to take it into account though.
I've tried both set-ups, bottom as inlet, then top as inlet. I got no difference in temps.