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Got my Radiator and Pump!

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Senior Member
Feb 15, 2001
Harford, WI.
Well, I got my Radiator and pump today. The pump is a Rio 200gph. And the radiator is about 12"x 5". I will be running an 85w peltier with the water. I just hope it is enough to cool the pelt! My water block is fairly big. About 3"1\8 x 2"1\2 x 3\4 aluminum. The pump, Radiator, and reservoir will be mounted in a seperate box outside the case.

Any last minute tips? Right now I got it all together running to check for leaks (not in the pc of course!). So far it's been on for a few hours and all is good.
Well, I gave it a run today!
At first the results were awesome, around 1c! But after the water starting warming up it jumped up to around the 17c and didnt climb any higher (@ idling anyway). The water was very hot to the touch, as was the water block and radiator as well.

This test was with no fans blowing on the radiator. I'm not sure how much of a difference it would make (a lot I would imagine). As well as with only about a 1\2 gallon or less of water.

One thing though. After a while I started getting blue screen errors, and some of my games would not load, or I got lockups. I felt the chipset HSF. It was so hot It could have easily burned me if I left my finger on very quickly! I believe thats the reason for the errors and lockups. It felt around the same temp as the water block. Which is only about a 1\4 of an inch away from the chipset HSF.

I think I'm gonna have to try and rig some sort of fan on the chipset as well as use more water and fans to cool the radiator. I still have to build a box of some sort to hold everything in. I think with cooling the radiator with fans, it should keep the waterblock from getting so hot as well. I hope anyway!

If anyone can offer me any advice I would appreciate it.
you could make a water resivour out of a 5 gallon bucket. that would disapate the heat better. and yes, the fans on the radiator make quite a difference.
definately go with a fan, and a resevoir of any size will help a lot. The blue screens came from the heat, you really should not test like that again, you could fry your cpu and then you could have joined the club :). But you got the hard parts done, so have fun!
Put two 120mm fans on that 12x5 rad and you will see a big differance. I find it best to have them pulling air through the rad rateher then blowing.
Last night I wanted to try it again with more water and a 90mm fan on the radiator. Well after I got everything installed and hooked up, I turned it on. I went into the bios to check the temps and it said 25c. I know that something wasnt sitting right so I took out the cpu and readjusted it. Then the temps said 1c in the bios. So I exit and go into windows and my alarms are going off saying my system is 67c! WTF!

So I shut it off and turn it back on to see what happened. Every time it would say around 1 to 2c in bios then I restart and check again and it would say 67c. But one thing I would notice it always said 67.5 never higher or lower. Thats makes me believe it is some sort of misreading or something. Unless thats as high as my temps moniters will go. In which case I cant believe it would even boot into windows. So It has to be wrong!

So I took the cpu off the pelt to see if the pelt was working. Ran it with just the water cooling and got cold enough for frost to build up on it. And you could see that the cpu had good contact with the cold plate.

So I took it out and ran with just water cooling and my temps were around 29c. So I took the water cooling out and ran system with my alpha with the pelt and runs around 17c.

Any ideas whats going on with it saying it was at 67c?