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got my voodoo, but am a bit disapointed.

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Dec 20, 2000
okay, my voodoo3 2k @ stock speed gets 972 on 3dm2k... WTF??

the sys is
192 megs ram
PRIMARY: 500 meg M3
secondary: 600 meg M4
crappy jetway mobo
K6-2 500 Non/oc'ed
reg Cd drive, newest voodoo drivers. WTF...?

yes, i';m using 2000, 2k1 wiont work right now.

(woohoo, got my voodoo.... 2d sucks a bit, and a bit jaggy, but glide is BEATIFUL!!!)

V3 is still powerful but DAMN HOT!!!
Umm...you got a Voodoo3, then complain about your poor 3D Mark results, but still insist that the card is powerful?

The only thing the V3 even runs decently are glide apps and Glide is not beautiful, Glide is 16 bit crap... Honestly, I don't understand why you bought a V3 at this point? 16 bit is so passee'
how about an S3 trio64..?
from 93??

also, y dont u bash the HDD sizes here??
BTW, it's better then my last 3d, Savage4......

you got a beef, too bad.
I like glide, and i've seen voodoos getting like 2000 3d marks!!

i'll see 2k1, and see if it works better.
That's not good man. Albeit that my fsb was 120MHz (P3 540) and my V3 2000 was at 175MHz, but I still managed 2800+ with 3DMark2000.
Don't be disappointed.... all my Geforce 2 MX could muster with a K6-2 500 on 3DM2K was 1306. The CPU platform just isn't that good. I'd say you're more limited by that than by your video card. I have friend with a V3 2K PCI that can get 3300 something with his Duron @ 950. Experiment with some drivers and OCing and stuff until you get some decent scores... I'd say don't rest until you break 1000. I can honestly say, been there, done that.


BTW my Savage4 32 MB card mustered an 1100....
i HAVE to rest, it's minight, and i need to be up @ 7, make lunch, eat, and goto school (about 10k away, i do it in 15min, so 40km/h =] )

wel, i'll try it in my system with my duron when i get it. see ya, g'nite.
2k1 looks cool, tho.
Voodoo really is lackluster. 3300 in 3dmark2k w/duron@900? Hah! My old Pentium2-350@400 w/MX kicked some serious Voodoo butt. ~4500 in 3dmark2k. And besides, only 16 bit 3d rendering sucks.

The price of a MX is so low these days that it's the only viable card when buying a cheap card with performanence. Also, a great OC!

And you can't get a comparable 3dmark2k1 score with 16 bit rendering, as 32 bits is the default.

Do yourself a favor and get a GeForce.
mebbe your dumb, or just a fuc*ing idoit.
I cant afford anything new!
listen, i have to buy a duron, an MSI k7T-Tubro-R, and a hs/f, and that'll cost me over 400 CDN, and i'm only getting about 300CDN, mebbe a bit over

i CANT afford ANYTHING!!
i havent had a comp in 3 mos, and listen up:


unless you have a spare duron u wanna give me, you'll have to shut up and accept what i can take. My savage4 locked up all the time, and only got about 1200 on 2000..! on my cel 400, 64 m RAM.


money doesnt grow on trees here, us poor people cant just pull 100$'s outta our asses.
Hey.... what is you budget for a Vid card?? I will probably be putting my Hercules Prophet II MX 64M on Ebay (as soon as I get a GeForce3 in my box)....

I also am selling a Voodoo3 3000 PCI 16M on Ebay but I'm afraid this buyer went AWOL on me.... so it might end up back on the auction block again....

Just tryin to help.... :)
the reason for thi=s is not because of ure voodoo (there F***in ace!!!) its ure processor... i have that exact card on my PIII and it works fine (i get around 1600 not overclocked and o/ced @180 i get 1821!!!!YAY) my friend has this card too and ure processor and has the same problem... this is because amd are not as good at decoding as intel the overall performance is the samish, but not really ne good for decoding games!! i hope thats answered ure question!!!!!!
Im the one who traded the voodoo to xtreme. In my system (P3 @900 with 256mb ram @150) i got 2800 non oc'ed and 3145 oc'ed to 172/172. I doubt its the card causing the probs. But really who cares about benches? how does it do in da games? Not the greatest im sure but still very respectable frames.
I wasn't trying to flame you, but your post seemed kind of contradictory to me. A V3 is a pretty old card (2+ years old), so it's not going to be doing that well in current games or benchmarks. Even if you need a budget card, I'd have been more likely to suggest the Savage 2000 which is just slightly slower than a Geforce SDR. Sorry if I came off rudely in that last post.
it's alright, osrry if i came off a bitharsh there too. I was expecting more, and i believe that it's the K6-2.
when i get my duron, we'll see king o' the hill.

just put a clean install of windows onto this 6 g drive, and am Dling EVERYTHING!!!

OpenGL voodoo drivers, both 3dmarks, sisoft, winzip, SBlive drivers....
too much.