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Got some new Klipsch RP series speakers.

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Feb 15, 2018
Right here.
Took me some time but I finally have it done.
I have full surround sound now.
The front speakers are Klipsch RP6000F full Left and Right now separation.
Now the center speaker is a custom made speaker (I made). It consists of Sony speakers and a custom box I made. ( It maybe hard to see but it is right in the middle of the fireplace) it is at the absolute perfect height for anyone to hear the center.
The rear speakers are Klipsch RP5000F Each one is 5 feet from the side seating position and toed "in" and tuned in as well. for full sound separation and equalization.
The Rear Speakers are DBX and mounted on the ceiling they are 4 and a half feet apart and also tuned in as well. for that life like real sound.

Now It has taken me some time to get everything setup and I had posted a thread (that the mods have just completely messed up) on the speakers and the only reason for that was I just picked them up I needed not only time to figure out things but wanted to show them off and also use them while figuring out the setup.
I started a "New" thread to SHOW the setup as it should be and as it is now after I have done research and lots of thinking and MOVING around of this 5 HUNDRED pound sectional sofa.
But the MODS took control over all the treads some how messing them all into one This sucks because Now I am all messed up and so is everyone else!
Now I'm not sure where we are at. other than my Audiophile surround sound system is finally complete.
The sound is AMAZING! Movies, Games and Music come to life in a really spectacular way JUST like a Theater!
But this Theater is in my LIVING-ROOM!
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Nice addition there! I recently upgraded to all Definitive Technology speakers and had the same feeling.
Do you have a center channel speaker? If not, get one. It'll change everything for the better.
Thank you.
Yes I have a center that I made out of 2 nice but still just Sony speakers. I will be replacing this yes I have to save some more the one I want is like $500 bucks. and is the center for this setup there are rear speakers as well but also they have to wait.
I have some killer DBX right now for the rear and 2 X 12" subs behind the sofa.
I have been using my stereo systems for over 10 years now for my computers audio.
Each system has there own like the master suite has the Ryzen 3 hooked to the Yamaha and the office is on a Sony and the spare room well it's on Kenwood. None will ever be hooked to any cheep *** plastic Logitech or them creative OMG they all sound like screaming cats in a tin can. OMG!!
Just an update:
Finally got it to where I have full surround sound 7.1 to boot!


Put the Rear surround speakers on the ceiling!



Though 6.1 seems a bit odd... don't you have an odd number of speakers? Is it combining the back two channels or something like some faux surround modes do?

Why not run it in true 7.1 since you have all the speakers there?
That's just the way the audio was recorded. My system picked up the signal as such.
I had no idea "6.1" exists... what is the source of the 6.1 audio?

Are you sure that isn't set to a 'fake' surround sound and your receiver calls it 6.1?
bro, do you even lift?

j/k nice setup, but interesting comment re: moving the sofa. Glad you have it figured out now.
I had no idea "6.1" exists... what is the source of the 6.1 audio?

Are you sure that isn't set to a 'fake' surround sound and your receiver calls it 6.1?

I got curious, looked into it a little, supposedly 6.1 was a precourser to 7.1. Typically with 1x front center, 2x front stereo, 2x side stereo, and 1x rear center (plus sub). Still included in some DD encoding, and I guess certain movies will top out at 5.1/6.1 even if a 7.1 system is present.

Wondering how that receiver handles the center rear and if it just sends the center signal to both rear speakers or does some mixing with the side speakers as well.
I though it went from 5.1 to 7.1, lol! Reminds me of Dolby Pro logic where the rear speakers were one signal... then 5.1 came in and made rL and rR.
Always have been a fan of Klipsch. Love their IEMs. I've got a pair of KM-6s from back in the day that are still in excellent shape, though relegated to the garage these days. Have a pair of the KG 1.5 and a KM-C as well. More of a B&W type as of late.

Running CM10 S2s and a CMC2 S2 with CM5s on the side at the moment and an SVS SB3000.