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Got the Radeon LE !

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Mar 27, 2001
Hi guys, I just got the Radeon LE :D. I was wondering though, what type of fan can I add to the HS that comes with the vid card? Can I add some of those celerons cpu cooler combos? If anyone has done this mod on this card please let me know :)

Any 50 mm fan will fit. I'd suggest a 50mm * 20mm fan which can move around 20 cfm ([img="[URL]http://2cooltek.safeshopper.com/images/d0tz0tk.jpg[/URL]"]).

Actually what I'd really suggest is removing the heatsink entirely and replacing it with this [img="[URL]http://2cooltek.safeshopper.com/images/t0zcdzp.jpg[/URL]"] and this [img="[URL]http://2cooltek.safeshopper.com/images/u0v9q7w.jpg[/URL]"]. That's what I did with my Radeons... Sure it takes 2 PCI slots, but you're left with a ridiculously overpowerful fan/heatsink combo. That Radeon will never heat up with that monster on there!

Pictures courtest of 2cooltek.
I stuck a Blue Orb on mine. I think it cost me $8.50. Any fan sink combo will be better than whats on the card now. I notice that when I run 3dmark2001 on my friends computer with a Radeon it gets hot to the touch at default speed. Mine runs cool to the touch overclocked at 189mhz.
Those mods look sweet guys. Where did you guys connect the fan to? I was wondering since the Abit KT7A-RAID needs a fan plugged to Header1 in order to bootup , Can I connect the vid card fan to header 1, and daisy-chain my cpu HSF/FAN combo to my PSU?

YOu could if you wanted to. I have mine plugged into a header on the board. All my case fans are hooked up to the power supply, so I have two open spots on the board.

Most chipset fans should come with a adapter that will also let you hook up to the PS.
1st off excellent choice of card. I lapped the radeon HS and added some decent compound then simply added a 50mm x 10mm fan that at my best estimate pushes 9-12 cfm. Once i get the Vantec in im going to see if the intel HSF will work. im running my LE @191/191. It would only go 189/189 but the burn in worked i guess. Super sweet card. My temp went up 3C after the 43mhz overclock but not bad for 8$ worth of cooling. As Ak has said before the ram max's out at about 190 we believe as we're cool enough but she wont let us go higher.
Thanks for the info ARKDUDE and OPENFRIDAY. I'll try that and see what happens :).

Hey AK did you ever get around to putting ram sinks on? if so id love to see a pic :). If i find a 35mm cam with film i found a scanner in my house (low res sorry its like 4 years old) and i'll show you guys what I did as i think it looks pretty shweet. id be interested to see how high primal can get the memory up to. Tell us once youve reached the limit ok primal? remember baby steps. I oc'ed my radeon in tiny integers. 148/148 then 160/160 then 166/166 then 175/175 then 183/183 and up 1mhz at a time from there. I took it slow and after a week of burning in got her to what i believe is Maxed 191/191. I'll try 193 again sometime but crashed in high res in 3dmark. I got a decent 80mm from a friend today so maybe that'll give me the edge. just take it slow, this chips easy, fun and rewarding to oc. I got an 800 jump in my benches just from oc'ing this card. What did you decide for cooling btw?
Im working on it friday. Im putting in a 80-60mm adapter on my FOP32 tommorrow, and I do have the small heat sink im going to use for ramsinks cut up.
Im planning on throwing a 120mm case fan over the video card, so ram sinks would go well with that mod.

I saw in a review the other day that some dude got 10mhz more off his ram sinks, I found that hard to beleive, what have you guys gained with them?