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--Gotta get a board that works!!--

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New Member
Apr 4, 2001
SORRY FOR THE LONG TEXT. Maybe throught this you can at least understand my situation and help give a good recommendation.

Well here goes,

About 3 weeks ago I purchased this system setup:
Processor: 1.2MHz 200 FSB Tbird
Processor Fan: CoolerMaster Fan. The thing rocks bringing the temp to a mere 102 - 105 F
RAM: 256MB DDR 200 FSB
MoBo: Transcend ALR4
Sound: Creative Live 5.1 Platinum
Video: Matrox G450 32MB DDR AGP (i know it isn't the best but the dual head rocks).

Now before I rip apart the ALR4 lemme just say this much. The board looks nice and so does the boot up. Until it freezes, and I am not saying Once in a while... this is an average of 4 times an hour. Randomly at that, the board will freeze during 2000Pro Boot, During a game of Black and White, or when expanding a folder tree in Explorer. Tthis isn't the only time. I ran the maxtor utility to boot and setup the drive (testing to see if it would lock up) and what do you know the SOB didn't work.

I am trying to rule out the possibility of all my components, which Creative, Matrox, and Maxtor have assured me it isn't with them. Since I do plan on exchanging the motherboard, processor, and RAM I would like to hear your opinion on this matter.

I am looking at a Gigabyte GA-7DX, the iWill KA266, and the ABIT KT7A, or exchange for another Transcend ALR4. This is a hard choice and your feedback will help in the decision making process.
Here's what I've heard about the Transcend ALR4. The timings of the northbridge are too aggressive at 133 MHz DDR, so untill Transcend can do better with their bios, exchange for another ALR4 would make no difference. The ALi MAGiK 1 chipset is stable, but only with conservative timings. I am quite happen with my two weeks old Iwill KK266-R w/ KT133A chipset but since crucial came out with affordable 256MB PC2100 ddr-sdram last week, I wished that I've more patience to wait for a ddr-sdram motherboard with KT266 chipset.
I have to agree with Azzkicker the Abit KT7A-Raid is a user friendly board. I have both the KT7&KT7A-Raid boards. I'm not saying they won't lockup,but every time mine do it is because I am tring to push it to see just where the limits are.

KT7A-Raid T-Bird 1000@1233 watercooled
KT7-Raid T-Bird 1000@1144 aircooled