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GPU at 100% Constantly

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Apr 15, 2017
Hi guys, I have just put in a new Gigabyte RX 460 Windforce OC 4gb card! For some reason, displayed in GPU-Z and in radeon driver software and anything else i check with, my gpu load is always at 100%.
In games however, i am not suffering low FPS and when not gaming, as far as i can tell my temps are normal at around 45C when not gaming and fan speeds stay around 800 as i guess they would at idle. It seems as though it is only displaying 100% load but not actually doing it although i cant be certain of this.
I dont think i have bitcoin miner virus or anything like that, although my old gpu died recently, hence the new rx 460 and i havent formatted the system, iv just installed the new card.
When i do open a game or a stress test, the cards temp jumps up to 65-70C, when not gaming its 45C...... Im stressing about this 100% gpu load issue as im now thinking this could be what killed me old card and i dont want it to kill this card now. Its just strange that i have no loss of performance and the temps arent high all the time. Also with a coin miner, 100% would fluctuate as it works then stops, works then stops, my card however is at 100% the entire time.
Any ideas would be great guys as i have scanned the hell out of my ststem and cant find anything like viruses or malware.
My driver is 16.10.1, i have tried other drivers and the issue persists with all. I have pics from GPU-Z too........
Thanks guys.

gpu-z 2.gif gpu-z.gif

- - - Updated - - -

Ah i forgot to mention, 1212mhz is boost speed for this card, which it is ALWAYS reported at too. Which is another reason im worried it actually IS on 100% load constantly!
I have also just noticed something new. My fans on this card keep alternating from 0 rpm to 33%, they keep running then stopping, running then stopping, check the spikes on the fans in this pic. I have also just put my hand on the heatsink, its warm to the touch at a point that is well away from the core, literally right at the end of the heatsink. So this card is definitely running all the time at 100% in my opinion. No way would the fans be kicking in n out and no way would the heatsink be that warm while the card is doing nothing at all. Especially in this system, i have the cpu watercooled with a custom kit i put together, my cpu temps are 33C idle and dont get above 50 at full load, i also have the side off atm so no way should this cards heatsink be hot while its supposed to have been idle for the last 5 hours!
Im really stuck as to what can be causing this and sadly formatting isnt an option right now. Any ideas would be hugely appreciated!

Ok then, problem has sorted itself out! I had a bunch of windows 7 updates that hadnt gone on yet because this machine wasnt hooked up to the net, for some reason after they were installed last night, i turned pc on this morning and everything is running as it should be. I have no idea what those updates were as i havent checked, i have no idea how they could have affected my gpu or whether one of the updates knocked off a virus........ i just dont know!
I am just happy its sorted, so if anyone out there has a similar issue with a card, run ur updates i guess!