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GPU block or Full Coverage block?

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New Member
Nov 6, 2009
I want to soon install water cooling in my rig. I have a problem, should i use a GPU only waterblock, or a full coverage block?
Does the full coverage block offer a sufficient performance boost for the added cost?
Are there any charts directly comparing the two? What would you suggest? and thanks.


Apr 4, 2003
Frankfort, KY
The biggest thing about getting just a GPU block is that you can reuse it as you upgrade your GPU with a mounting hardware upgrade. You will still need to cool the memory and whatever else somehow. Small ramsinks do the job very well.


Oct 23, 2009
Core temps will be basically the same either way, the way I see it here are the pros and cons of FC blocks:

Look sexy
All-in-one, cools everything that needs cooling
Sometimes easier to route tubing

Generally only fits your current card


Jan 5, 2005
Ormond Beach, FL.
I used to opt fo full coverage blocks, but chose an MCW60 and Swifty 275 Heatsink for this card. The individual ram sinks are expensive. If you can get a full coverage heatsink like I did, they are cheaper than 35 little copper ones. :)

A downside of non full coverage blocks is that it may be harder to get the most out of SLI or crossfire. There was no way to fit two cards with MCW60's in both 16x slots on my P6T. I was relagated to using the 16x and 4x slots. It is also easier to make the bend from the CPU to a full coverage block because normally you can have the inlet barb pointing up.


Aug 15, 2006
I've owned two or three full coverage blocks and I'm looking to get an EK full coverage for my upcoming 5850 build. Every one is a BIG hunk of copper, you can feel the cooling potential in your hand.

I haven't wanted to go the MCW60 route for a couple reasons: you've gotta deal with RAM sinks and bonding which potentially voids the warranty if you can't get them off. Also, I've never been sure of the compatibility...does it support everything??