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GPU Boost 2.0 and TDP

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Aug 14, 2014
https://www.msi.com/Graphics-card/N660Ti_PE_2GD5OC.html#hero-overview - MSI 660ti Power Edition 2gb

OK so more playtime with this beauty, stock 1097mhz-1241mhz/6008mhz, ended up with +0v 114% +65 +600 (voltage, power limit, core, mem respectively), so it boosts to 1306mhz/7204mhz on stock voltage 1.175v (ASIC is 86.6% if anyone is wondering) at 72c with Heaven on loop 2h 1080p max settings. This is with stock BIOS and zero throttling and i'm positive that it can go further if i pump the voltage because neither core or mem threw up artifacts yet. I have had an Arctic Accelero Hybrid III-140 in the drawer for months that i never got to use and was thinking about installing if possible which will help with temps.

Question time: i ran out of room TDP wise. If you refer to the 1st screenshot - modding the BIOS will only raise the total GPU power, the "normalized" will work as if nothing was changed, anything extra on the voltage or clocks or a very GPU intensive game will hit 98%+ and it starts to throttle. Is there a way around this or a hardmod for this card ?


AB 01.jpg AB 02.jpg

1306-7204 8370.jpg