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SOLVED GPU "disabled" in client.

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Jul 17, 2003

I got another GPU to add to my farm. It wasn't expected as I'd given up on the path from which I ended up purchasing the card. But, the card was offered up from a great manufacturer at a price that is closer to retail and I bought it.

I added this card to my VR rig in the basement. I moved my 1080SE to another slot. I did have some issues with fitment into the case/MB so I pulled out some PCIe x16 ribbon cables. I got my 3060 working after finding a bad cable but the 1080 will not work for folding. Windows sees it.

This is in one of my Gigabyte X58 chipset boards: CPU: Intel Xeon 3960
GA-X58A-UD3R rev 1
I am currently using PCIEX16_1 for a 3080
PCIEX16_2 for a 3060
PCIEX8_2 for the 1080SE

I did not see any BIOS settings to disable PCIe slots.

MB manual here: https://download1.gigabyte.com/File...ud3r_e.pdf?v=74c8750ceea3878bda6dc62beb2ff557
OK, so your Windows OS sees the 1080, is there a GPU slot showing in the FAHclient that's disabled? Or, is there just no additional slot at all, for the 1080?

A poster on foldingforum deleted GPUs.txt and restarted the client, which made the GPU start folding.
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The Folding client (Which I downloaded directly from F@H) shows the 1080 but states "Disabled". I right click it and tell it to FOLD but it does not.
Well son of A GUN!!!! It's working. Just on it's own I guess. I went to try the things you listed and all three cards are folding plus 9 cores of the CPU. Sorry for the false alarm.

I'll take the good happenstance and run.
I just had this happen with me when switching card slots. Restarting the FAH client seemed to fix it for me.
Well, my gaming rig set my GPU to disabled and I don't know why. I had to restart the machine to get it back. Telling it to fold did not help. I didn't think to try restarting just the client. Machine needed a good re-boot.