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GPU inquiry: Power provided by the pcie slot.

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New Member
Nov 23, 2020
Hello there,

Kindly requesting some advice for a newbie over-clocker here.

I have a HD 7750 connected to a pcie slot via a riser cable.

Initial: 880 Mhz 1.2 V 1125 Mhz memory
Max stable overclock: 1050 Mhz 1.3 V 1330 Mhz memory
Power consumption is set to adjustable at 45 W +- 90%.

This GPU does not have 6-pin.

When I adjusted the voltage to 1.35V (Max +90% power), the fps went lower, I suspect it hit either the gpu power supply wattage setting (1.35 V vs 1.3V theoretically allows for less amps for hitting a target watt limit) or no more additional current available from the pcie slot.

My question is:

1) Why the fps went lower when the voltage went from 1.3V to 1.35V?

2) I shot a temperature gun at the components at the gpu and motherboard near the pcie slot, and I couldn't find anything above 70C for the gpu or above 50C for the motherboard components near the pcie slot. Which components on the motherboard pcie line I need to worry if i am drawing too much power from it?

3) Generally, the pcie slot can power up to 75 Watts. Is it beneficial to adjust from 45W +- 90% to example 55W +-90% ?

4) Is there a hard-volt mod to connect some external power to the gpu?

Thank you,


1. Wasn't stable... possibly hitting the power limit on the card...?
2. The slot itself. But a temp gun isn't going to tell you anything.
3. Not sure what this means...
4. Doubt it... and it wouldn't be worth the performance increase.
If there was a mod to add extra voltage to the card are you certain it would solve your problem?

Here is someone with a successful volt mod
. But dissimilar to what you are looking to do.

Would it be easier and safer to rather than spend money and time to do a volt mod sell this current card and buy something a generation newer? Something like an r9 270, 270x or 280.
Thank you for your advice and the link.

Prices in the second hand market is not attractive at the moment now through.