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PROJECT LOG GPU Shroud Painting (MSI R9 390 "Golden Edition")

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Jul 8, 2013
So I have a black and gold theme in my machine, ( ) unfortunately the MSI card was red and black so you can see it clashes badly, and they pretty much only come in that except for more recent stuff like the Quick Silver edition, and also lightning which are more yellow theme, they also have the armor series in white but the low end hsf just doesnt compete with the twin forzr design.

Now some time ago they released the 980ti golden edition


That would have been great except I wasn't willing to pay $700 for a gpu (just for reference I spent $250 on the 390) and they only made a 980ti version. So now the warranty is expired I figured now is a good time to make my own golden edition. Pics will be in the spoilers below.

So first things first is to remove the shroud, fairly easy, 4 screws holding it on and you slip the little holders through the fan blades. A problem popped up was the led which was housed in the shroud, so I basically had to remove the whole heatsink (9 more screws from the rear of the card) to get at the led power cable

Next up is separating the parts to be painted, removing the led strap and such. Another problem encountered was the little red strips on each side. Seems they had pegs sticking through them then a machine melted the pegs onto the strips so they don't come off. Time to bust out the dremel, and 10 or so minutes later after grinding down all 8 of the pegs they finally came loose.

Now we have a our parts for painting, paints used for this was a rust-o-oleum flexidip (white) and a metallic gold spray paint.
Now some troubles encountered. It seems flexidip isnt the same as plastidip (which I am used to using and unfortunately home depot doesnt stock plastidip anymore) so I had a weird chemical reaction where the white rubber paint was being turned pink. To add this stuff is alot more watery than plastidip, so in the future I will stick to plastidip. Also it seems a white base coat didnt matter as parts that had a black base coat looks exactly the same with the gold paint.

After 5 coats of flexidip, time for the gold, some defects occurred mainly due to the flexidip base coat but nothing too bad

After letting it dry for a couple of hours we now have the painted parts

This is an old thing I did a few years but figured I share it here too, I modded the led part (non rgb, always on white) to show yellow instead, this involved just sticking a piece of yellow paper behind the msi logo on the led bracket

Now onto assembling the card, some red remained on the actual fans, cant do much about that, it's not vertical mounted so it's not a problem

And finally installed and looking good with everything else


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