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GPU upgrade

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Dec 13, 2015
With the current GPU landscape, I have a question. In the past, I have bought the best midrange GPU from AMD. I bought the RX 480 when it was new. I have always wanted the highest midrange card I could get, because I donÂ’t want to upgrade every two years. IÂ’ve had my 480 through the 500 refresh, the 5000 series and now into the 6000 series GPUs. IÂ’m thinking of finally upgrading (I know stock isnÂ’t great, but I can afford to pay current prices).

My question is, since IÂ’m still on 1080p, should I go with the 6800 xt (IÂ’ve never bought an Nvidia card, but I guess I could go for the equivalent to the 6800 xt possibly) so I can once again wait five years or so to upgrade again, or would a 6700 xt last me just as long, while being cheaper? I know the 6600 xt is marketed for 1080p gaming, but as I said, I donÂ’t want to upgrade my card for four or five years after my purchase. I think, with the 6600 xt, I would need to upgrade sooner than I wanted to.

Do you think the 6700 xt would last me four or five years at 1080p? Or do I need to go with the 6800 xt? Are the 6700 xt cards even worth it?
I have a 1440p 144hz monitor & I'm driving it with a 6800XT. In my very humble opinion, I think that card would be serious overkill for 1080p. Especially if you are only running 60hz. So what is the maximum supported hertz @ 1080p are you planning to run? If you are going to be at 60hz a 6600XT (or RTX3060/TI) should be plenty over time. If you are looking to go 1080p at 144hz+, the 6700XT (or RTX3070) will probably be the much better option.
you also do not mention weather or not your current card is falling down on the job, at 1080 the cpu counts quite A bit.
Thank you both. I looked at a few upcoming games and my 480 is finally not meeting even minimum requirements. The minimum I saw was a RX 560. Instead of just upgrading to the minimum , I was going to go midrange again to be set for a few years. I am running the normal 1080p 60 Hz. I will look at the 6700 xt. That should be fine, I think.
looks to be so. Please shop around A bit, prices being still on the crazy side.
4 or 5 years.... id go 6800/6800xt for 1080p. Cpu holds you back a little too. ;)

This way of you want to run 144hz monitor 3/4/5 years from now with ultra settings, you can. 6700xt or lower may be a bit long in the tooth if that's your goal.
The RX 580 was a minor refresh of the RX 480. Some people have even had success at flashing a RX 480 with a RX 580 BIOS. I wouldn't do it, just showing how close the two are in performance. The RX 480 8GB is a faster card than the RX 560 even though it is a generation older.