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GPU upgrading?

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Jul 27, 2001
I currently have an original GF1 32mb SDR. My question is whether to upgrade this yet or to leave it. The reason for this question is i currentlyu have a T-bird 1.333ghz, and in most games i dont have a problem eg. q3 640x480 32bit high 98fps. I know that it doesn'[t really compare to later games either, the 3dmark 2001 max payne test runs perfectly with a vhigh frame count as well. so...should i upgrade, or should i save my money and either wait for a gf3 to drop in price or should i buy new pc133 ram, as i currently only have 192mb pc100.
With that setup, I think you would benefit most from a new video card, like a Geforce2 GTS - not an MX - or a radeon. Not as great as a GF3 but they are fast and cheap.

Most importantly they use DDR RAM, which basically keeps your frame rate from dying at high resolutions. A GTS in your box would score about the same as your SDR at Q3 640X480, but will absolutely slaughter it once you get to 1024X768 and up.

But if you play games at 640X480 all the time I wouldn't bother upgradeing till more DX8 games come out, then I'd get a GF3. But then I don't reccomend games at that low res any way.

Might as well get RAM too, since it is so cheap! See the Cyber-Deals forum; people always find good prices for stuff there.

Hope I was helpful.
-The monster
You'll need to upgrade when things get choppy, or your wallet too heavy (like me)... until then, don't worry about 3dmark scores or actual frame rates until they fall so slow you're getting fragged all the time as a result.

The image quality would improve at higher resolutions, but if you're comfortable playing at 640x480, then invest in some good RAM, cooling, or start saving for a geforce 3 (which would be your next logical step in upgrading).