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Grand Prix Legends Junkies: Check This Out

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Aug 18, 2002
Now that I have the attention of all six of you...:p

Make sure you pick up this month's issue of Road and Track magazine. Skip lunch for a day or two, pick up aluminum cans...whatever it takes to put $3.99 in your hands.

The big deal is their Salon feature for November. They reunited Dan Gurney and the '67 AAR Eagle for a few laps at Spa Francorchamps. The pictures alone will take your breath away, and there is a terrific article on the car and Gurney's career.

I'm a subscriber. :D

It's a great article. Especially since I just drove Spa myself in June (along with the Nurburgring and Reims).
Ah. are the old garages still standing at Reims? And what did you drive on your laps at the Ring?

Also, did that picture of Gurney looking out from the Eagle grab you by the throat, too? I thought the intensity in his face was stunning. (And maybe a perfect explaination why he raced Grands Prix, and we didn't.)

The garages and grandstands are still there. It's a very beautiful sight. I'd send you pictures, but they were taken with a digital camera, and died along with my hard drive and I didn't back them up. :(

The car was terrible. It was our rental car- an Opel Zafira, which was top heavy and underpowered, but we did verify on numerous occasions that the rev limiter did, in fact, work ;). I still managed to get it around the Ring in 13 minutes, 30 seconds, which was a whole minute faster than my dad, who had driven the track a few times before. I guess it helped that I practised the Nurburgring in GPL for a couple weeks before the trip.

I loved that picture, too. It captures all the emotion that you miss with a full-faced helmet.
I managed to recover an image I posted on another forum with most of my pictures from Reims.

I cant remember but is Nurburgring the track that has the old long track which I believe is aroung 14 miles long? Now that would be a challanging track to learn.........
Yep. 14 miles long and with over 170 turns, they say you never really learn the track, you just get a feel for the different sections of it.
Oh, and don't forget the elevation changes at the Nurburgring. Everyone focuses on the length and number of turns, which I conceed are damned impressive. But its the number of places where you can easily take flight for 100 meters (or more, depending on speed) that keep me alert.

Great pictures of Reims, GM. Though I'm always troubled because, whenever I see real pics of Reims I immediately compare the view to what I've seen in GPL a thousand times. (La Source and Eau Rouge at Spa has the same effect...)