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Grand Theft Auto V PC Gamers- GPU question

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Nov 10, 2014
For those if any of you who play GTAV PC at 4k res what's required to run this FULLY MAXED SETTINGS at 4k res and maintain 60FPS?

Is a single 1080 gonna handle it because with one of my 970's crapping out I'm running 4k res @ 40fps and dropping on a single G1 970 and in can't handle countryside well with drops into the teens which make it unplayable.

SLI'd I was running it nearly maxed at 4k res around 50-60 with no MSAA involved.


New Member
Jan 23, 2017
I messed around a lot with DSR at 4K with two gtx 980s. Everything maxed out except advanced graphics which where ON but sliders at around middle. And no AA as that was getting over the 4GB memory limit (and I didn't need it since DSR smooths things over). It was staying in 60FPS most of the time (and when it didn't it was because of the 4,4Ghz i5 3570K CPU (ie. GPU Usage was dropping) in the city, only in areas with a lot of grass it was dropping to 40s. This was with two MSI Gaming 4g that stay at 1300 something frequency.