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Grandma's Computer

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Feb 16, 2002
Haha I'm out @ my grandma's right now I'm gonna do the seti bench on it... its a 1.8Ghz Celeron 256MB dunno what kinda ram though... prolly SDRAM :( its a dell dimension 2300.. well off the set up seti :)
katelin said:
Cool. You are going to ask first right? ;)

I'll bet "Grandma" asked him. She probably wants to know what's up there and pick a good neighborhood for for when her time comes.

lol yeah its cool with her :p it just sits here all day long anyways... shes out in the middle of no where so that means 56k but im gonna dump a buncha WU's on this 100 or so then ill transmit them next time im out here ;)
she uses it fir photography and digital image editing... shes only home in the evening but i convinced her to leave it on all the time so it can do this...its also got a 40x cd-rw 64mb gfx card 80gb hdd dunno what kinda sounds card i was thinking of OCing it
yes you can... ive got a dell @ home and its oc'd from 600 to 670Mhz its not much but every little biit counts.
ah-ha :L) i got 5.4Mhz outta it :p lol... if i only knwq who made the pll *sigh*
i havent had the PC on long enuf to finsh it yet,,, ill lets yous know tomrrow... its on xp home... its leanind towarss 5:30-6hrs :( i was expectings less
ok its offical... CPUs with such little L2 SUCK! :( looks @ these..

that's twice as slow as my p4 1600

and rember the beginning of the wu is allways faster than the middle for some reason
DDR-PIII said:
yes you can... ive got a dell @ home and its oc'd from 600 to 670Mhz its not much but every little biit counts.

How did you managed that? On my Dell I can't adjust the FSB, nor the multiplier. Any other way to OC?
Well i used cpu FSB i didnt even use the Intel MOBO setting i used an asus P4T setting but like i said it only changed it 6mhz... if i knew who made the pll could find out what kind it was then get the full OC outta it... just because it dosent have the same mobo your using there dosnt mean it cant be oc'd... this is an intel 845GL or 845G something liek that...