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GrapheneOS - common usability misconceptions DEBUNKED!

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Aug 14, 2014

00:00 Introduction
00:25 GrapheneOS
01:00 Google's data collection practices
01:15 Constant location tracking
01:30 Google tracks HOW You are moving, not just where you are
01:55 Read the rest of this in the video description link
02:15 Most applications require Google play services, unfortunately
03:00 Security features of GrapheneOS
04:05 Common misconceptions
04:20 Banking apps won't work on GrapheneOS - UNTRUE
04:42 Uber won't work on GrapheneOS - UNTRUE
05:35 Any app requiring Google play services WILL WORK ON GRAPHENEOS
05:49 but YOU set the permissions of GrapheneOS
06:09 You can turn off Google's access to sensors
06:26 Notifications don't work on GrapheneOS - UNTRUE
06:44 How to fix notifications on GrapheneOS
07:05 Why isn't Google privileged/unrestricted by default?
07:25 Push notifications work just fine!
08:20 It only works on a pixel? That doesn't sound secure!
11:05 Biggest misconception: you have to compromise convenience to have GrapheneOS' security
12:45 You want privacy? You must be crazy!!
Not bad sounding.
I do like the idea of a more locked down android OS TBH.
One of the main things that has kept me on my iPhone is the finer grained permission control.
Yes Apple is still mining some data from me, but not much, and I can lock out other apps from phoning home easily enough.
I am crazy...I like Google and Amazon...they can have my data...Never been concerned and frankly I am old enough and live a boring enough life that they can track me all they want...Golf course-Home....Home-Costco...Rinse repeat.

Also have a couple thousand shares of both of these Co.. so I want them to make money.

My Pixel has a headphone jack...Its called a USB-C...lol. Headphones sound better with it...Yet doesn't everyone use BT earbuds at this point? Never had a need for an SD card in a phone...Everything for me is stored in the cloud.
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