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Graphics Card Failing - Help picking replacement asap

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Mar 11, 2015
Pretty sure my graphics card is failing. The last few days my pc has been randomly shutting down a couple times a day and kind of narrowed it down to thinking it's the graphics card. I run three monitors and now the middle monitor has a red shade on the left third of the screen. Not sure if it could be a bad monitor if that would cause the pc to shut down. I need this pc for work so need to order a replacement gpu before it fails completely. I built this pc myself, with the help from the people on this forum as it was my first build. Currently have a NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 and need a new one that allows me to run three monitors. I use this pc for programming and day trading, no gaming, so don't need anything top of the line but also don't want a piece of junk. I'll start searching the forum for suggestions but thought I'd post here first since I'm kind of in a time crunch. The rest of the specs are below. Thanks in advance for any help

CPU - Intel Core i3 8100 Coffee Lake
Motherboard - Z370 Aorus Gaming WIFI-CF
Memory - 16GB
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Man prices have really gone up!! Think I paid $115 for the 1050 4 years ago. I see a couple 1650's for around $200. Looks like next step up is 1660 but those are $300+. Are the 1650's good enough for what I need?

To test that middle monitor... send the iGPU signal directly to it. If the color remains, then it's the monitor.

Random shutdowns aren't typically caused by a graphics card that, for what you described, likely sits close to idle.

A 1650 is PLENTY for what you described... but I think the iGPU can too (so long as you have the outputs on the mobo).
So I unplugged the monitor from the pc and that red color is still there so it must be the monitor. Sorry I should have done this right away before posting but kind of freaked out and didn't think of it. Thanks for the reply and sorry to bother you guys. Now off to find a monitor replacement.
If it craps out under power, then that's a place to look. Try looking at software to see voltage of the major rails and if they are questionable, check them with a DMM.