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Graphics Card melee

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Quad sli 580 gtx is overkill.. The only people running such setups are benchers. I don't think there is a game out there that would make 4 580 gtx's work hard. Nevermind the power usage also LOL! That being said its your money ultimately :)

I forgot to mention that. Quad 580/480/6970/5870 is dual PSU territory if you want to OC at all. Even dual 6990/5970's would seriously strain a PSU less than 1100w, not to mention +12v amps... Listing your setup (or planned setup) would help a TON.
I actually havent gotten my other parts, yet, but I will get the intel xeon x5690 as processor, and most likely the evga sr2 motherboard (or whatever its called, whatever the most expensive one is, around 600 Dollars i think) só you think that quad 580s beat quad 6970s or dual 6990s? For me, the more strain on the pc the better lol. Hopefully you will have a better idea of whatever my pc's specs are though now that i've posted.
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I just want you to again understand that you dont need anywhere NEAR what you are buying to achieve your goals. Are you aware of this point yet?
it sounds as though the whole point of this machine is to spend as much money as possible, and nothing else. you can tell by the way he/she is talking about buying the most expensive mobo available, and wanting quadros despite them being a poor candidate in a gaming machine.

i've seen other people make these threads countless times over the years and for the most part the machines never pan out, ie the money doesn't turn up, the person has a change of heart, or just disappears and never fills us in on the results of the build, probably because it didn't happen.
No doubt. What I see is a person with more money than computer sense and has no idea the potential issues he is going to run into with such a complex setup. Its not really plug and play, like a single card or even 2 card SLI is. Soooooooo many more variables and its just not worth it especially to someone that appears so........green with PC's.
This thread isnt meaningless at all. Its just that buying all this hardware you should be informed as to what you are getting into and what you need... Thats why you came here, right?
This thread isnt meaningless at all. Its just that buying all this hardware you should be informed as to what you are getting into and what you need... Thats why you came here, right?

Yeah that's why I'm here, thanks Earthdog. I was just wondering what video cards you thank had some of the best performance.And by the way, people, I'm not like filthy rich. i have a budget and stuff, so I'm not exactly trying to get the most expensive card out there, it just so happened that the cards I thought were good were... insanely expensive, that's all. Thanks again guys. ;)
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This seems like a good place to ask a related question without making a new thread.

I'm currently waiting for the gtx 590 to come out on the 22nd so I can make a comparison between that and the hd 6990. I also ordered the Alienware OptX AW2310 23" monitor. Normally this would be childsplay for one of those cards to max out the refresh rate, but this thing is a 120Hz 3D monitor. I don't plan on using 3D but I certainly want to take advantage of the high refresh rate. So at 1080p how well do you think 1 of these cards would handle it? I may consider a second gtx 590 or 6990 to make sure the frames stay up there, and perhaps some future proofing.
hey graphicscardboy,

sorry if you took my comment the wrong way. i do stand by it, we get people in here talking about building $10k rigs from time to time, and usually they don't pan out.

if you are truly looking to build a killer rig, you've come to the right place for advice. if you give us a budget we can tell you what we would build, then you could choose to go over or under that budget.
scaling is getting better

Alright, thank you guys! I have one more question, though. Because you're all pleading that the gtx 580 dual SLI beats a single 6990 card, would it still remain the same with a quad SLI (brands other than nvidia can do quad SLI) gtx 580 and a dual crossfire 6990? I'm hearing that SLI is better than crossfire, but I'm also hearing that with the more cards you have, the less difference it makes.(I'm a hardcore nvidia guy, so I have a hard time believing amd is better lol) So you think a quad SLI gtx 580 beats a dual crossfire 6990? And does nvidia have a similar technology to eyefinity (multi-monitor setup?) Alright, thanks again! Feel free to post if you have a different opinion! I'm always open to suggestions! :)


If you get a monster quad rig you will have to pay more than you will gain in terms of performance
And 2x6990 needs 800w of power under load

Personally I'd get 2x 580 in sli
Cheaper, easier and more quiet..

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