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Great Review/Article on ATA133 vs. ATA100 and Raid

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Yeah I spotted that article too, it is a nice one. The only thing I am not sure of is the way they did their testing it is hard to determine what is the best option, because they tested the Maxtors and WD's on different controllers. A true scientific test changes only one variable at a time. Of course, the WD's are not ATA133, but it would have been better to test all the drive/controller combinations to actually be able to draw a conclusion. This also would have taken a LONG time, so I can understand why they did not do that.

Also, the highpoint RocketRAID looks to be sweet. Better all around than the promise, and the only other 8-drive RAID controller is the 3ware escalade 7810, which runs about $340!! Of course, it is a true hardware RAID, so its CPU utilization is lower and it is capable of RAID 3&5 as well, but the RocketRAID costs under $100.